Here is what our patients have to say . . .


About Acupuncture


I do acupuncture every week for overall wellness, as a preventative measureI feel significantly more balanced, calmer, and less over-reactive.  Being calmer with stressful emails and homework time with my son is super important for me and the family structureI find the whole acupuncture sessions and environment of Forever Able Wellness to be extremely peaceful and relaxing. ~ G. D.



About NAET

I am a scientist and engineer by training, which tends to make me a skeptic and my opinions evidence-based. I had some past positive experience with acupuncture, so decided to give NAET a try to help alleviate consistent symptoms of dermographia (irritated/itchy skin), severe contact allergies (chapstick and poison ivy), and general seasonal allergies. After a regimen of NAET treatment, I’ve found that my dermographia has been significantly reduced almost to the point of elimination. I also have noticed that seasonal allergies have hardly been present, even when everyone else in my house is suffering from them, and (though I don’t have any data) it even seems I am getting sick less frequently than I used to. Furthermore, the simple act of getting acupuncture once a week is highly relaxing and something I look forward to. I would definitely recommend NAET anyone who is open to the possibility that this modality could support their wellness; this skeptic has been convinced! ~ S. M.


For the first time in my life, I forgot to take my afternoon Zyrtec!  Usually I start getting a headache in the afternoons and that’s my sign that it’s time to take a Zyrtec.  Last week there were like three or four days in a row that I didn’t get a headache and realized that I didn’t need that dose of Zyrtec.  I felt fine without it! ~ E. M.


I was definitely skeptical when starting this treatment, and I still am a bit.  I’m just a skeptic by nature.  But I have to admit that since beginning the allergy treatment, my symptoms are much improved, my energy is better, and overall, I just feel healthier. ~ T. L.


I thought that my daughter might have a sensitivity to dairy.  Every time she caught a cold, it would turn into a cough that would linger for weeks or even months.  At that time, she drank so much milk.  She would have 3 or 4 glasses a day.  It was all she wanted to drink.  After the allergy treatment that included treating for dairy, I began to notice that her cough cleared up and her nose stopped being stuffed up.  She hasn’t had a cold or a cough since that treatment.  And, she doesn’t drink milk at all anymore.  Now she says she doesn’t even like milk! ~ A. A.